Medical Center Library & Archives Posters and Presentations

The professional staff members of the Medical Center Library & Archives present posters and papers at state, regional, and national conferences. We have posted content from those presentations in order to share our content with other national and international colleagues.

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Everyday Disaster: What Happened at the Duke University Medical Center Archives When the Toilet Overflowed

On the evening of Thursday, July 19, 2018, the toilet at the Duke University Medical Center Archives (DUMCA) overflowed. Approximately 200 gallons...

The Role of the Librarian in Achieving Compliance for Meaningful Use Stage 2 Core Measure 5

Poster presented at 2015 Medical Library Association (MLA)

Mapping the Competencies

Poster presented at 2018 Medical Library Association (MLA) conference.

Leisure Reading: Validating Selection Decisions and Identifying Reader Preferences

Poster presented at 2014 Medical Library Association (MLA)

Rethinking Use of Cataloging Skills: Assigning Metadata to CME Programs

Poster presented at 2011 Medical Library Association (MLA)

Doctors, Covered Entities, and HIPAA or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the PHI

As a HIPAA covered entity, the Duke University Medical Center Archives (DUMCA) strives to provide access to collections without violating the law....

Safe Zone Training: LGBTQIA+ Cultural Competency for Now and the Future

This safe zone training is an opportunity to explore LGBTQIA+ inclusive language and practices, which in turn, will help us to identify how MLA and...

The Kindle: A Novel Way to Increase Access to Medical Information in Community Clinics

Poster presented at 2009 Medical Library Association (MLA)

It's Open Access: No Fooling

Poster presented at 2005 Association of North Carolina Health and Science Libraries (ANCHASL)