Medical Center Library & Archives Posters and Presentations

The professional staff members of the Medical Center Library & Archives present posters and papers at state, regional, and national conferences. We have posted content from those presentations in order to share our content with other national and international colleagues.

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Using Data-Driven Approach to Assess Efficacy of Collection Development Decisions

Poster presented at 2009 Medical Library Association (MLA)

Reflections on Lost Space: A Chance to Reconnect to the Community

Poster presented at 2010 Medical Library Association (MLA)

The Kindle: A Novel Way to Increase Access to Medical Information in Community Clinics

Poster presented at 2009 MLA/Mid-Atlantic Chapter (MAC)

Systematic Reviews' Impact and the Role of the Medical Librarian

Poster presented at 2015 Medical Library Association (MLA)

Bringing New Methods into Library Instruction: A Case Study in Team-Based Learning

Poster presented at 2011 MLA/Mid-Atlantic Chapter (MAC)

Changing with the Times? library Associations and New Librarians

Poster presented at 2007 Medical Library Association (MLA)