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The professional staff members of the Medical Center Library & Archives present posters and papers at state, regional, and national conferences. We have posted content from those presentations in order to share our content with other national and international colleagues.

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Assessing the information needs of early-career biomedical researchers

Recent strategic planning initiatives revealed the biomedical research community as being an under-served population and a less-understood user...

Liaisons Connecting Users to the Collection: Comparing Curriculum-Based Textbooks with Library Holdings

Three of the Library's primary user groups, the Schools of Nursing (SON), Physician Assistant (PA) and Physical Therapy (PT), require their...

Team Based Learning: Creating a better learning experience for PubMed instruction

In class, an individual assessment followed by a group assessment and then application activities to practice the concepts. TBL relies on group...

Changing with the Times? library Associations and New Librarians

Poster presented at 2007 Medical Library Association (MLA)

Consortia and Journal Package Renewal: The Death Knell of the “Big Deal Package”?

Poster presented at 2010 Medical Library Association (MLA)

Open Access Resources

Poster presented at 2005 Association of North Carolina Health and Science Libraries (ANCHASL)

Revolution at the LSD

Poster presented at 2007 MLA/Mid-Atlantic Chapter (MAC)