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The Foundations of Excellence archival image project, funded in part by The Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation, Inc. presents a selection of over 600 digitized photographs. These images document the history of the Duke Medicine's academic, clinical, and research activities beginning in 1927. All materials included in this collection are available in Duke University Medical Center Archives.



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Construction of the Duke University School of Medicine

Railroad tracks were placed for steam engine trains to bring building materials to the School of Medicine, now known as the Davison building....

Patient clinic waiting room in Duke South.

circa 1935
Patients shown in waiting room sitting and standing down. The sign on the desk in the center of the photograph reads "Old patients register here."

Pediatrics waiting area in Duke Hospital

circa 1940
Pediatrics waiting area filled with seated women and infants. Note the train painted on the left wall (Carl Roger’s face is on the front of the...

Private Diagnostic Clinic patient waiting area

Patients and staff in a Duke Hospital Private Diagnostic Clinic waiting area. The PDC was organized on September 15, 1931 to coordinate the...

Patients waiting in Duke Hospital public dispensary

circa 1940
Patients seated along a wall in the public dispensary. Hospital staff, physicians and nurses are also visible.

Outpatient clinic waiting area in Duke Hospital

circa 1935
African-American patients and others shown in the Duke Hospital Outpatient Clinic waiting area. The sign on column reads "New patients, colored,...

Private Diagnostic Clinic outpatient registration

circa 1945
Two patients registering at a Duke Hospital outpatient clinic of the Private Diagnostic Clinic. The Private Diagnostic Clinic (PDC) was organized...

Duke Hospital pharmacists

(From left to right) Eugene Brown, pharmacy intern from 1939 to 1940; Thomas Reamer, associate in pharmacy from 1931 to circa 1970; Archie Millis,...

Archie Millis in the Duke Hospital pharmacy

circa 1940
Archie Millis working in the hospital pharmacy. He served as a Lieutenant with the 65th General Hospital.

Eugene Brown in the Duke Hospital pharmacy

circa 1939-1940
Eugene Brown working in the hospital pharmacy. He was a pharmacy intern at Duke from 1939 to 1940.