Historical Images Documenting Duke Health

These images document the history of Duke Health's academic, clinical, and research activities beginning in 1927. All materials included in this collection are available at the Duke University Medical Center Archives. In honor of Duke Health's 75th Anniversary, The Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation, Inc. supported "The Foundations of Excellence," a digitization project that identified over 600 representative historic photographs from our first 3 decades.

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Physician and staff performing surgery in a Duke Hospital operating room

circa 1930-1934
Operating room and hospital staff at Duke Hospital. Staff are wearing facial masks.

Students in Dr. Joseph W. Beard's experimental dog surgery lab

circa 1953
School of Medicine students (class of 1953) studying in Joseph W. Beard's experimental surgery lab. Joseph W. Beard was professor of surgery from...

Dietetics nursing staff checking patient food trays

School of Nursing, Dietetics program staff checking individual trays in ward kitchen of Duke Hospital.

Archie Millis in the Duke Hospital pharmacy

circa 1940
Archie Millis working in the hospital pharmacy. He served as a Lieutenant with the 65th General Hospital.

Nurses in operating room during a surgical procedure

Registered nurses administering anesthesia in a operating room of Duke Hospital.

Eugene Brown in the Duke Hospital pharmacy

circa 1939-1940
Eugene Brown working in the hospital pharmacy. He was a pharmacy intern at Duke from 1939 to 1940.

Pediatrics patients

circa 1930-1934
Duke Hospital pediatrics patients shown outside the Duke Hospital building. One child is holding a stuffed toy. Stones on building in picture are...

Physical therapist and patient in pool

circa 1955
Unknown physical therapist and patient in the original therapeutic pool, installed in the 1940s or 1950s by Helen Kaiser, PT, Director. At times...

Student nurse and instructor take a patient's blood pressure

Phyllis Mertz, a School of Nursing student, assists Ruth Hunter, a Nursing Arts instructor, in taking a patient's blood pressure.

School of Nursing nurses' aides in training

Nurses' aides training at Duke Hospital. One student brushes the teeth of a mannequin patient while other nurses' aides students gather around the...