Historical Images Documenting Duke Health

These images document the history of Duke Health's academic, clinical, and research activities beginning in 1927. All materials included in this collection are available at the Duke University Medical Center Archives. In honor of Duke Health's 75th Anniversary, The Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation, Inc. supported "The Foundations of Excellence," a digitization project that identified over 600 representative historic photographs from our first 3 decades.

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Patricia Cruz, MPDC data processing

October 1978
Patricia Cruz, a certified medical technologist poses at her desk.

Dietary Services staff

May 1979
Dietary Services staff serve special Italian Day in the hospital cafeteria.

Environmental Services cleaning

November 1978
An Environmental Services worker cleans a hospital room.

Medics basketball team

January 1979
Members of the medics basketball team play basketball.

Carl Lyons

October 1978
Carl Lyons checks a fire extinguisher.

1980 School of Medicine faculty

1980 School of Medicine faculty. Row 1 (L-R): David Durack, Herbert Sieker, James Clapp, James Wyngaarden, Harvey Cohen, J. Lamar Caloway, Andrew...

C.P.S. worker Chester Maye and study subject

Maye uses wires and probes attached to machines to conduct brain activity studies on a subject. On October 27, 1942, Civilian Public Service...

Patients waiting in Duke Hospital public dispensary

circa 1940
Patients seated along a wall in the public dispensary. Hospital staff, physicians and nurses are also visible.

Dept. of Pathology staff

circa 1940-1941
Group photograph of Dept. of Pathology staff. Wiley D. Forbus was chair of the department from 1930 to 1960.

Dept. of Pediatrics house staff

circa 1947-1948
Uniformed male and female house staff, interns, or faculty of the Dept. of Pediatrics.