Portrait of Hospital Administration Alumni Seminar participants

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  • Portrait of Hospital Administration Alumni Seminar participants. First row (L to R): George P. Harris, James M. Devane, Louis E. Swanson, Hugh Johnson (?), Jim Warden (?), Bill Smith. Second row: Minetree Pyne, ?, Bob Nordham, ?, Ted Clapp, Rush Jordan. Third row: Grant Hurst, H. Fil Mabry, Tebo Howerton, Peter N. Geilich, Ross Porter, Charles Frenzel. Fourth row: Kirk Oglesby, John McBryde, Al Herron, Bill Andrews, John Lockhart, Carl Rowland. Fifth row: ?, "Mr." Wright, Charles Boone, David Henry, William Crawford (?).
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  • pcs_hospital008_01
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