Technicians in the laboratory of Walter Kempner using the Warburg apparatus

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  • Technicians in the laboratory of Dr. Walter Kempner, professor of medicine. In the foreground is the Warburg apparatus, in which chemical reactions of surviving kidney cells are studies. In the background is a flame photometer, used for determining quantities of potassium and sodium in the blood and other substances. Walter Kempner purported a rice-based diet for arresting degenerative processes attacking the kidney, heart, brain, and retina. He joined Duke in 1934 as a member of the Department of Medicine. Kempner was interested in the effect of diet on various diseases including hypertension and diabetes. Observing that those diseases were relatively rare where rice was a staple food, Kempner came up with a formula of rice, fruit, juices and vitamins. Over many decades, the Rice Diet treated more than 18,000 patients from all around the world. Walter Kempner retired from Duke University in 1974 and from the Rice Diet program in 1994.
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