Dept. of Pediatrics house staff

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  • Uniformed male and female house staff, interns, or faculty of the Dept. of Pediatrics. (Back row left to right) Charles Houston Gay (A.B., Duke, 1929; M.D. Duke, 1933), Wilburt Cornell Davison (dean of the School of Medicine, 1927-1960), Angus McBryde (associate professor of pediatrics, 1931-1959), James L. Collier (house staff, 1934-1935). (Front row left to right) Baird Urquart Brooks (instructor in pediatrics, 1930-1935), Mildred Sherwood (instructor in pediatrics, 1930-1960), Barbara Hewell (house staff, 1934-1935), Jay M. Arena (M.D., Duke, 1932; house staff and associate professor of pediatrics, 1933-1979), Arthur Hill London (associate in pediatrics, 1932-1976).
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