Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternity members

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  • Alpha Kappa Kappa was a medical fraternity for junior and senior men of the Duke University School of Medicine. (Front row, left to right) Jack D. Wycoff, Duval H. Koonce, Malcolm P. Tyor, John E. Scheid, Jr., Ralph I. Cottle, Carmine K. Lyons, Paul H. Sherman, Clarence L. Anderson, John D. Staub, Edward G. Haskell, Jr., (?) Powell, John M. Crowell, Lewis W. Wannamaker. (Second row, left to right) William Henderson, John B. Bryan, William R. Brink, Zenas W. Ford, Jr., Stuart C. Smith, S.C., John E. Zeliff II, William C. Wansker, Thomas F. Kelley, H(?) Anderson, (?) Johnson, John Rainey Ashe, Jr., James R. Thistlewaite. (Third row, left to right) Hugh Key, Sealy, Jr., Donald R. Mundie, David(?) White, (?) Teriozi, William Lies III, (?) McPherson, John T. Logue, Jr., Wilmer Conrad Betts, T. Jackson McGee, Jr., James E. Kicklighter. (Fourth row, left to right) Robert S. Keller, James S. Arnold, Harry J. Kalevas, Robert A. Gowdy, Herbert L. Corse. At least five fraternities have been founded in the School of Medicine: Alpha Kappa Kappa, Alpha Omega Alpha, Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Pi, and Phi Chi. These societies maintained lounges on the first floor of the School of Medicine (opposite the Hospital store) until 1938, after which some of them established residence headquarters off the campus.
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