Antionette (Ann) Milligan-Barnes Oral History Interview, 2022

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  • This oral history interview was conducted with Ann Milligan-Barnes on October 5, 2022 by Josephine McRobbie as part of the Duke Midwifery Service and Durham Maternal Health Oral History Project, which was funded by The Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation Endowment Fund. During the interview, Milligan-Barnes discusses her early professional years at Watts Hospital, her role as a Labor and Delivery nurse at Durham/Duke Regional Hospital, her time serving in the United States Air Force Nurse Corps, as well as her experiences in the Durham County Department of Public Health, where she worked as a Public Health Nurse and the Coordinator for the Centering Pregnancy Program associated with the Duke Midwifery Services. The themes of this interview include community healthcare, health disparities, and pregnancy and postpartum care.
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