National Certification of Surgeon's Assistants - Correspondence: Zintel and Glazer

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  • Dr. Zintel, Director, Department of Special Educational Projects, American College of Surgeons, sent this memo to individuals "who have been invited to attend a September 21, 1981 meeting on SA certification." Background materials included Zintel's 6/18/81 letter to Robert Bruner, President of the NCCPA, a 7/16/81 letter from David Glazer, Executive Director of the NCCPA and a 9/11/81 letter from Zintel to Glazer discussing failure to produce and administer an examination for Surgeon's Assistants. The main point of contention was whether there should be a generic examination taken by all PAs with proficiency examinations in primary care and surgery (NCCPA's stance) or whether there should be separate examinations for the specialties - with certificates reading accordingly (ACS stance).
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  • Clara Vanderbilt papers
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