PA Incorporation Era (1981-1990)

Physician Assistant roles expand into all medical and surgical specialties and settings. Workforce studies continued to be positive recognizing PA contributions to the provision of quality, accessible and cost-saving health care services. PAs gain reimbursement of services they render under Medicare Part B. PAs are granted commissioned officer status in the uniformed services. States begin to pass and revise legislation that allows PAs prescriptive privileges. Studies indicate that PAs are highly satisfied with their jobs. PA programs begin to offer master degrees to their graduates.

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Recertification Examination for Physician Assistants; Description of Examination

February, 1981
This is a description of the recertification examination administered by the National Commission on Certification of Physician's Assistant on March...

Proposal to establish a National Data Center for Physician Assistants (NDCPA)

August 11, 1981
This proposal indicates the need for a "principle information gathering agency of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, the Association of...

National Certifying Examination for Primary Care PAs

May, 1981
This announcement produced by the National Commission indicates that the National Certifying Examination for Primary Care Physician Assistants is...

Response from American Nurses Association regarding the NCCPA's request to the ANA to reconsider withdrawing their liaison - Correspondence: Hirsch to Casey

July 5, 1983
Hirsch tells Edmund Casey and the NCCPA that "the Cabinet on Nursing Practice will reconsider their decision to withdraw from membership on the...

Quarterly report of the ad hoc postgraduate education committee--Association of Physician Assistant Programs board of directors meeting.

July 24, 1987
This report announces the addition of two new members to the committee: Ruth Ballweg and Bonnie Schmidt. It also contains a proposal that calls for...

Field Test of the Proficiency Examination in Surgery

February 25, 1981
In 1979, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) provided NCCPA $21,481 for the experimental administration and analysis of an examination designed...

National Certification of Surgeon's Assistants - Correspondence: Zintel and Glazer

September 14, 1981
Dr. Zintel, Director, Department of Special Educational Projects, American College of Surgeons, sent this memo to individuals "who have been...

Proficiency Examination in Surgery for Physician's Assistants

April, 1981
Announcement, pamphlet and application form created by the National Commission on Certification of Physician's Assistants to register PAs to take...

Puzzled about the 1981 Recertification Examination - Correspondence: Gardiner and Arnold to NCCPA

March 5, 1981
This 5 March 1981 letter from Ric Gardiner and Steve Arnold, president and president-elect of the South Dakota Association of Physician Assistants,...

Announcement of the 1981 Recertification Examination

This is an announcement of the recertification examination administered by the National Commission on Certification of Physician's Assistant on...