Financial Support for Physician's Assistant Training Program at Duke University - 1966 Correspondence: Stead to Morris, Kinde to Stead, Stead to Kinde (Kellogg Foundation)

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  • Series of letters between Dr. Eugene Stead and Mr. Matthew R. Kinde, director of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation during winter and spring 1966. Dr. Stead writes to Dr. Emory W. Morris on January 7, 1966 to describe the PA program and "to determine if it is one in which the Kellogg Foundation might be interested in participating." Dr. Stead requests $329,768 over a 3-year period and gives a breakdown of how the funds will be used for stipends, faculty, administration, and supplies. Mr. Kinde responds for Dr. Morris on January 12, 1966 stating that "this kind of program could have profound implications for the practice of medicine if adopted nationally" and that the Foundation would be interested in reading a complete proposal. He continues by asking questions about legal implications, acceptance by the medical profession, if program was too advanced for high school graduates - maybe 4-year program with first two years taken at community college followed by medical curriculum at a medical center, and continuance of program after foundation funding has ended. Dr. Stead response dated April 27, 1966 addressing each of Mr. Kinde's questions. He mentions that the program is operational, guided by an appointed committee that is producing lectures and textbook material for students and that the intent "is to carry this program to every county medical society in the State [to gain support]." Three foundations eventually provided funds to support the PA program at Duke University. Kellogg was not one of them.
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