Report of AAMC Task Force on Physician's Assistant Programs

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  • Report of task force formed by action of the Council of Academic Societies at its November 2, 1969 meeting to "consider the role of these assistants and the need for standards for programs producing them." The report describes the need, the responsibility of the AAMC, recommended action, guidelines for definition of functional levels of assistants using the Type A, B, C classification, and guidelines for educational programs for type A assistants. These latter guidelines are beginning attempts to develop guidelines and essentials for PA educational programs eventually developed and approved by the American Medical Association (AMA) in 1971. The task group states that "the AAMC should work toward an accrediting agency as a means of effective accreditation and periodic review of programs producing such personnel. A joint liaison committee with the AMA, similar to the Joint Liaison Committee for Medical Education, is one suggested mechanism."
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  • Physician Assistant Program Records
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