Concerns about letter sent by Mr. Lanpher to Mr. Smith - Correspondence: Godkins to Lanpher

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  • This letter was written by Thomas Godkins, president of the American Academy of Physicians' Associates (AAPA), on September 25, 1972 to Burt E. Lanpher of the National Association of Physicians' Assistants (NAPA). The letter supports the concerns of the NAPA about the American Association of Physician's Assistants (another AAPA) directed by Mr. Palace but is "displeased" with the letter to Mr. Smith since Mr. Lanpher took it upon himself to "speak on behalf of the Academy" and to represent the Academy as "representing the Duke University segment." The Academy had grown to include students from other universities and was approaching a membership of 1,000. Godkins closes his letter indicating that he is not opposed to the NAPA and does not want to "discourage" the relationship and communications that had developed between the two organizations (see items 371 and 372).
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