Nomenclature issue - Correspondence: Kernodle to Anlyan

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  • In his letter to Dr. William Anlyan at Duke dated May 15, 1972, Dr. John Kernodle, Vice Chairman of the AMA Board of Trustees, relates the concerns of AMA leadership about using the term "associate" by the PA program at Duke and elsewhere. He writes that "Certainly the great majority of the folks in this country are desirous of one name or classification for these individuals" and appeals to Dr. Anlyan to reconsider the title Physician's Associate. The argument is that associate is a term that refers to physician colleagues and that once a national certifying examination is in place the type of person being educated will be clarified. Dr. Anlyan responds on May 18, 1972 stating that he would like to "chat" by phone about this issue. On May 22, 1972, Dr. Estes responds to Dr. Kernodle's letter to Dr. Anlyan saying that he felt the best way to solve this problem was "for some nationally recognized group to call together a committee to study the nomenclature problem and bring back a recommendation for endorsement and adoption." Dr. Estes provides the rationale behind the title change at Duke citing problems caused by groups like the American Association of Physician's Assistants incorporated in New York by Paul Palace to register PAs. "The only requirement is an application and payment of the fee." He suggests that the committee formed to address the nomenclature issue include representatives from Medex, Child Health Associates, Physician's Assistants and Physician's Associates educational programs.
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