Guest speaker for Fourth Annual Duke Conference on Physician's Assistants - Correspondence: Howard to Kinney

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  • Dr. Robert Howard writes to Dr. Thomas Kinney at Duke University on November 24, 1971 suggesting that President Richard Nixon be invited to speak at the forthcoming annual conference on physician's assistants to be held April 20 and 21, 1972 in Durham. Howard notes that President Nixon "has been very vocal in supporting this concept in general and our program specifically." If President Nixon can't attend, Howard asks how he goes about submitting list of invited speakers for approval. In a follow up letter dated February 2, 1972, Howard provides a list of seven potential speakers including individuals such as Melvin Lard, Secretary of Defense to David Brinkley, commentator from NBC news. Kinney approves the names of two individuals on the list: Dr. Endicott, Director of the Bureau of Health Manpower Education and Dr. Marguilies, Director of Regional Medical Programs.
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