Correspondence between George Stevenson and Eugene Stead regarding moral, ethical and legal utilization of Physician's Assistants - Correspondence: Stevenson to Stead

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  • Letter from neurosurgeon Dr. George Stevenson, dated September 7, 1966 asking Dr. Stead to respond in writing about his (Dr. Stead's) "feelings about the moral, ethical and legal utilization of these people in medical centers?" Dr. Stevenson indicates that California is involved in "deciding what status these people should occupy in terms of formalizing legislation to cover their activities in a hospital." Stevenson mentions using an ex-Navy Corpsman for the past year as a "surgical technician and physician assistant in much the same general tenor -- that you outlined in a recent article." Dr. Stead replies on September 28, 1966 stating that "we hope to avoid establishing a separate licensing board for the physician's assistant." The plan was to amend the medical practice act and give authority to physicians to use properly trained PAs in their practices, according to need. Supervision would be the responsibility of the physician. Dr. Stead believes that in the future, PAs will seek independent license. "When that occurs, the doctor will be minus a true assistant, and the new generation will have to develop new patterns of personnel."
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