Summary of Meeting on Accreditation of Physician Assistant Programs, March 5, 1973

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  • This material contains a cover letter and summary of a meeting held at the US Office of Education (USOE), Washington, DC on March 1, 1973 "to explore the implications of existing AMA accreditation procedures regarding PA programs." Representatives from the APAP and AAPA attended the meeting. The meeting resulted from inquiries by the Association (Dr. Sadler's October 6, 1972 letter), the Academy (Mr. Godkins' letter) and response by Dr. C. William Ruhe, Secretary of the AMA's Council on Medical Educations dated March 7, 1973. Follow up letters dated March 5, 1973 from Dr. Sadler to Dr. Ruhe and Dr. John Proffitt, Director of Accreditation and Institutional Eligibility Staff, USOE, DHEW, are included in the packet of materials distributed. The Association expressed concern about lack of PA program and PA graduate input to the accreditation process. In closing, Dr. Proffit requested all those present to write him within three weeks with suggestions and recommendations for future actions.
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