Draft Minutes [from] the Association of Physician Assistant Programs, November 7, 1973

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  • Draft minutes of the semiannual meeting of the Association of Physician Assistant Programs held on November 7, 1973 in Washington, DC. Dr. Thomas Piemme, current president, provides a list of achievements including favorable ruling by IRS for tax exempt status; grants from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the van Ameriugen Foundation and the Ittleson Family Foundation totaling $195,000; the search for an executive director to open national office for the Association and Academy; attempts to have AMA recognize Association as participating organization in accreditation; development of a national certifying examination by the Board of Medical Examiners; and plans to turn the American Registry of Physician Associates over to the Academy. Twenty-seven programs were members of the Association the site of the second national conference on New Health Practitioners would be New Orleans, March 27-29, 1974. It was announced that the AMA proposed to establish a National Commission on Certification and that a meeting was planned in Chicago to explore the idea. Donald Fisher expressed interest and accepted the Executive Director position and planned to be in Washington, DC full-time in May 1974. A list of individuals attending the meeting is attached to minutes as well as brief minutes of meeting of the American Registry of Physician's Associates - William Stanhope elected as president.
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