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The oral history program of the Duke University Medical Center Archives exists to capture the medical center's history in the words of the people who have witnessed or participated in that history. The interviews consist of relevant memories from persons in many different work environments within the medical center as well as selected interviews with those outside the medical center who have stories significant to its past or its present. The interviews are conducted with the considerations set forth in the guidelines of the Oral History Association. Interviews are recorded and then transcribed as closely as possible to the words of the speakers, and each interviewee is given a chance to review the transcript. Both the recordings and the transcripts are housed in the Duke University Medical Center Archives.

Although its oral history program was not officially established until 2003, the Duke University Medical Center Archives has a number of rich oral histories dating from the 1960s to the present, some of which are available for research. If you are interested in an interview that is in process, please contact the oral history program coordinator. The archives oral history program is attempting to open as many of these past interviews as possible, and unrestricted interviews conducted from 2003 will become available for research after they have been carefully processed for accuracy and quality.

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Rebecca H. Buckley Oral History Interview, 2007

Dr. Rebecca H. Buckley discusses receiving her bachelor's degree at Duke; the difference between the men's college and the women's college at Duke;...

Doris Howell Oral History Interview, 2007

Dr. Doris Howell discusses her early background; medical school at McGill University; positive treatment in medical school; her initial desire to...

Sheila J. Counce-Nicklas Oral History Interview, 2007

Dr. Sheila J. Counce-Nicklas discusses her background; her love of science and of learning; her interest in how things work; her Fulbright...

Elizabeth R. DeLong Oral History Interview, 2010

Dr. Elizabeth DeLong discusses similarities and differences between working at a clinical research organization (Quintiles) and an academic...

Alfred Gras Oral History Interview, 2005

This oral history interview was conducted with Dr. Alfred Gras on September 23, 2005 by Jessica Roseberry. Gras discusses his renaissance of...

Irwin Fridovich Oral History Interview, 2007

Dr. Fridovich speaks about his arrival in Duke University's Department of Biochemistry in 1952; Dr. Bernheim's reputation at the time for having...

E. Harvey Estes Oral History Interview, 2004

Dr. E. Harvey Estes discusses his experiences with the Department of Community and Family Medicine.

Ruby Leila Wilson Oral History Interview, 2007

In this 2007 interview, Wilson reflects on her experiences as a leader at Duke University.

Nancy Allen Oral History Interview, 2006

Nancy Allen discusses her family background; medical education; women in science during time of her education; coming to Duke; her husband being...

E. Harvey Estes Oral History Interview, 2007

In this interview, Dr. Estes speaks about knowing Dr. Grace Kerby when he was on the faculty in the Department of Medicine; Dr. Kerby's driven...