Priya Kishnani Oral History Interview, 2010

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  • Dr. Priya Kishnani discusses her family's background, particularly her mother's background as a physician in India; coming to the United States; medical genetics; Duke's strength in medical genetics; comparisons between medicine in the US and in India; Glycogen Storage Disease Type II, or Pompe disease; how she became involved with children with Pompe disease; Dr. Y. T. Chen; educating the medical establishment that children with Pompe disease could be treated; successes of the treatment; details of the treatment; setting up the clinical trials for Pompe disease; intensive nature of setting up the clinical trials for Pompe disease; commitment level of coordinating these trials; physicians in other countries giving treatment for Pompe disease locally; working with Genzyme Corporation to develop the drug used in treatment of Pompe disease; developing an appropriate relationship with industry when working in academic medicine; translational medicine; her work in trials with children with Down syndrome; treatment versus cure for Pompe disease and Down syndrome; center for treatment of rare diseases at Duke; special considerations for clinical trials for treatment of rare diseases; her continuing commitment to work with Pompe disease; and being a woman in medicine.
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  • Priya Kishnani Oral History Interview
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