Rebecca Clayton Oral History Interview, 2007

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  • Rebecca Clayton discusses beginning work as the secretary for Dr. Grace Kerby, in 1960; being pregnant and delivering her first child; there being no maternity leave policy; her care for Dr. Kerby after Kerby's retirement; Dr. Kerby's attention to detail; Dr. Kerby's very private nature; other elements of Dr. Kerby's character; Dr. Kerby's dedication to her work; Dr. Kerby's work on house staff schedules and Clayton's assistance to Kerby in this work; Dr. Kerby's assistance to then-Department of Medicine chair, Dr. Eugene Stead; Bess Cebe, Dr. Stead's assistant; Clayton's close relationship with Dr. Kerby; the interactions of secretaries in the department; Dr. Kerby's materials that Clayton has; Dr. Kerby upon retirement; Clayton's workload under Dr. Kerby; equipment Clayton used at the time; the proportion of work dedicated to house staff schedules; Dr. Kerby's privacy about her own schedule; and Clayton's previous work.
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  • Rebecca Clayton Oral History Interview
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