Lady Grace R. Osler to Wilburt C. Davison


May 20th, 1922
My dear Jonah
You must think me a brute and a false friend. I believe I will not try to offer any apology for my neglect. I want so much to know your plans. I hear you are coming over here with your family. I do hope you are. You will find Oxford looking the same outwardly - but so much has happened

inwardly you will find it altered. I am carrying on as best I can but find life rather a struggle. I try to smile but find it hard. Revere's Library is nearer you now than to me. It was hard to let it go - but the final blow is yet to come. Sir William's nephew Francis will be the librarian of the Osler Library when it reaches McGill. At present he and Archie Malloch are working very hard at the Catalogue. Francis is living here with his wife and baby

and will be for some months. Archie is going home to Montreal in the midsummer. About your friends - you heard that Dr. Sherrington had been Knighted. He carries his honours well. He wears himself nearly to death - for his duties as President of the Royal Society take him much to London and he never will sleep in town. Cas Sherrington is married. They sail next week for Canada and are going down to Cornell to see about a job he may get there. You would not know the Infirmary

That awful Rynde[sp] has been gone a year and we have a nice young administrator. Also a new matron - as Miss Watt was worn out after the War. We have just lost Sir Walter Raleigh who died of typhoid contracted in Bagdad - a most awful loss to the ministry. Eights coming on this week and all the young people in a twitter. Prof Thomson is just recovering from a long illness - 12 weeks with pleurisy & phlebitis. Phylis married & gone to India. Mrs. Fulcher tells me of you

from time to time but I have not heard from her for weeks now. You will be interested to hear about Bob Emmons & his adventure. Sallie is much changed in many ways. The Emmons have behaved in a heroic manner about it all. The conditions have turned out just as Sir William said they would. She is desperately delicate. Can't stay in England during the winter. They have a small place in Kent & Bob goes up to [Barts]? every day by train. They have been in [?] Jan & Feb & Bob left her in the Riviera & came back. Sallie has proved herself quite a practical housekeeper. She has a most unfortunate

temper & is a brute to Marion Emmons - being jealous of her love of Bob. All those are unfortunate incidents but you and your wife were such angels to them I thought you would be interested to hear. Bob is doing well at his work & examinations seem to fall off with no trouble at all. Do forgive this screed - My love to your wife and please send me a word of your plans.
Always afftly
Grace R. Osler.

Dr. W. Davison
Johns Hopkins Hospital [strikethrough]
Baltimore Maryland U.S.A [strikethrough]
c/o Amer. Express C.
55 Charlottenstrasse
Berlin Germany

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  • May 20, 1922 letter from Lady Grace Osler to Wilburt Davison providing updates on changes in Oxford and among mutual friends.
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  • Wilburt Cornell Davison Papers, 1881-1972 (MC.0010)
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