Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Surgery: Braithwaite's Retrospect

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  • "Being a half-yearly journal containing a retrospective view of every discovery and practical improvement in the medical sciences." Imprint varies. Abstracts of articles from various medical periodicals. Called also Braithwaite's Retrospect after two of the editors, W. Braithwaite (with J. Braithwaite, Jan. 1861-June 1885), July 1885-June 1901, J. Braithwaite (with E. F. Trevelyan, Jan. 1896-June 1901).
  • v.; 19-22cm
  • Includes parts: LVII, July 1868; LXI, July 1870; LXIII, July 1871; LXV, July 1872; LXVII, July 1873; LXIX, July 1874; LXXI, July 1875; LXXIII, July 1876; LXXV, July 1877; LXXVII, July 1878; LXXIX, July 1879; LXXXI, July 1880; LXXXIII, July 1881; LXXV, July 1882; LXXXVII, July 1883; LXXXIX, July 1884; XCI, July 1885; XCIII, July 1886; XCV, July 1887; XCVII, July 1888
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