H. Keith H. Brodie Oral History Interview, 2004

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  • Dr. Brodie discusses psychiatry; Duke University Department of Psychiatry chair, his relocation to the South; Dr. Ewald W. Busse; family; Highland Hospital; Durham County Regional Hospital; Veterans Affairs Hospital (Durham, N.C.); John Umstead Hospital; child psychiatry program; departmental research; grants; American Psychiatric Association; American Psychological Association; Bill Bevan; prescribing privileges; chancellorship of Duke University; Terry Sanford; presidency of Duke University; relationship between medical center and university; Levine Science Research Center; regulation of medical center under presidency; Dr. William Anlyan; Dr. Ralph Snyderman; medicine and business; drug testing; continued interest in psychiatry; changes in psychiatry; changes in Duke University; students; transition to new leadership.
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  • H. Keith H. Brodie Oral History Interview
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