A Medical Center Degree-- An Honest Approach to a Problem Usually Handled by Subterfuge

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  • A discussion paper distributed by Eugene A. Stead, Jr. to the Medical School Advisory Council (MedSAC) at Duke University on April 10, 1972 providing background information about the physician's assistant program and requesting that the Medical School grant a bachelor's degree to PA graduates. He begins by asking "does the Medical Center have an educational responsibility which extends beyond that of traditional responsibilities of the medical and nursing schools?" Describing PA students as non-traditional, Dr. Stead said the Medical Center needs a heterogeneous mix of providers which "requires the admission of students to the Medical Center programs who would not normally come to Duke's undergraduate colleges or to our medical or nursing schools." These students would take liberal arts and basic science course work elsewhere and transfer to Duke only to complete the professional portion of their training leading to an AB or BS degree. He asks the Medical faculty to respond to the needs of the community, explore non-traditional educational pathways, and provide the program a degree to help finance the training of PAs.
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