American Academy of Physician's Assistants : pamphlet [early 1974]

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  • This pamphlet was published by the American Academy of Physician's Assistants in early 1974, when the Academy and Association of Physician Assistant Programs were seeking funds to open a joint office in Washington, DC. Dr. Donald Fisher had been hired in November 1973 as executive director of both the Academy and Association and was still working out of his office in Mississippi. The address for the Academy is listed as 2150 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC., although the actual office being used was on the George Washington University campus. Annual membership fees were $30 for fellows and $12 for students. The pamphlet indicates that the Academy had formulated a program of Continuing Medical Education for its membership to coincide with evolving guidelines for graduate recertification.
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  • Clara Vanderbilt papers
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