Charles B. Hammond Oral History Interview, 2004

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  • Dr. Hammond discusses the history of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Duke University including faculty, divisions, facilities, research, fellowships and resident education, relocations, his goals as chair of department, National Institutes of Health funding, changes in ease of funding since becoming chair. He also discusses colleague Dr. F. Bayard "Nick" Carter and Dr. Robert Ross; birth of his own children at Duke; family atmosphere of department; rural program; Lincoln Hospital; Watts Hospital; racial integration of Duke Hospital; Carter Club; Raleigh Community Hospital; feminist movement; changing gender makeup of the department; generational differences in practitioners; patient acceptance of both genders in physicians; humanism in student education; changing technology in the field; personal research experiences; flexible nature of obstetrics and gynecology; pride in Duke Medical Center; and medical liability.
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