Elizabeth Pulley Oral History Interview, 2007

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  • Elizabeth "Chi" Pulley speaks about how her parents, Dr. Susan and Dr. John E. Dees, first met; her parents living with Dr. Barnes Woodhall; the difference in payment for Dr. John E. Dees and Dr. Susan Dees; other women on the Duke faculty; the distinction between Dr. Susan Dees at work and Mrs. Susan Dees at home; patient loyalty to Dr. Susan Dees; Pulley's perceptions of her mother; other mothers not working; going with her mother to Duke Hospital; Pulley playing in the hospital; the maid at home; the maid giving Pulley her nickname, "Chi"; Pulley's perception of Dr. Susan Dees's treatment at Duke; Dr. Susan Dees beginning a school for children in the hospital; Dr. Rebecca Buckley; Dr. Susan Dees's multiple retirements; Dr. Bailey Webb; Dr. Susan Dees's training residents; Dr. Susan Dees as an individual; Dr. John Dees; and Dr. Susan Dees's enthusiasm.
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