Nancy Catherine Andrews Oral History Interview, 2010

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  • Dr. Nancy Andrews discusses how dual degree (MD-PhD) is prevalent in deanship positions across the country; translational medicine; Duke's strength in translational medicine; her own research; the difference between what she experienced as a student and what a medical student would experience today at Duke; new learning center opening on Duke campus; financial aspects of the school of medicine and the health system; needs of both the clinical and basic sides of the medical campus; defining her leadership style; direction for school of medicine; study that was done on women in science at MIT in the late 1990s; what Duke is doing to combat the problems that might face women in science; Benjamin Reese of the Duke Office of Institutional Equity and some ways that equity might be achieved; strategies for women trying to achieve success in the sciences; and the uniqueness of this period in history. This interview was done as part of the Women in Duke Medicine oral history exhibit.
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  • Nancy Catherine Andrews Oral History Interviews

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