American College of Physicians Assistants - General Correspondence from Snell

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  • Correspondence from Roy Snell, secretary-treasurer of the American College of Physicians Assistants, explaining that it was not "our intent to be interpreted as stating or implying that the American College of Physicians Assistants had been recognized as the sole representative of physician assistants by the American Medical Association - this interpretation would be presumptuous." (based on statements made in the November 14, 1972 letter). The College had sent recommendations about who should be eligible to sit for the first NBME examination to Barbara J. Andrews, Ph.D. and in turn had received a positive response. A jointly sponsored hospitality suite of the College and Academy is mentioned for the upcoming meeting of the AMA's Clinical Convention to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The purpose of the hospitality suite is mentioned, (1) to show the unity between the College and Academy and (2) to familiarize the representatives with the College's and Academy's view of the profession and how PAs fit into the health care delivery team.
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  • Physician Assistant Program Records
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