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The Medical Center Library maintains a small collection of medical instruments and other artifacts related to medicine and health care. The collection has items of historical significance to Duke as well. A neurosurgical stereotactic equipment exhibit is on level 3 and was donated by Dr. Blaine Nashold. In addition, there are two large collections of apothecary jars. The Caldwell collection includes porcelain and hand-blown glass jars from the 19th century collected while the Caldwells were in Ecuador. The Library also has on loan from the Mary D. B. T. Semans Foundation a beautiful collection of Italian and Hispano-Moresque albarelli (apothecary jars) and versatoi (ewers or pitchers) from the 15th to 18th century.

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20th Century
Ophthalmoscope donated by David C. Sabiston, Jr., MD

In memory of war NC physicians and nurses who dies in world war

Plaque honoring the physicians and nurses from North Carolina who served in WWII.

Allison Clamps

Clamps designed and used by Prof. Philip Allison, chair, Radcliffe Infirmary, Dept. of Surgery, Oxford, England.

Halsted Clamp

Clamp designed and used by Dr. William Halsted. Halsted clamp donated by David Sabiston, Jr., MD.

Razor and case

Razor used by Deryl Hart to shave patients' heads prior to surgery when Dr. Hart worked with Dr. Walter Dandy.

Kabuto Kazari - Helmet Decoration

Helmet decorated with small gold plates, red thread and a long hoe-shaped crest. Displayed on a black base trimmed with gold accents. When not on...

Two piece antique cabinet.

Two piece antique cabinet. [England, c. 1865] Base: Inlaid burled wood with American rock maple; original brass handles. Top: Walnut with antique...

NOGI Award

NOGI Awards 1980. Distinguished service Dr. Charles Shilling. Award statuette. Figure in wet suit, mask and flippers.

2 Sided Desk

19th Century
This desk was presented to Duke Hospital by Doctor William John Dann March 1938. It was formerly the property of the Reverend Henry Montague...


Wood and metal model Pagoda. Light brown and gold in color. Twine loop at the top for hanging.