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The Duke Medical Center Library & Archives and the Duke Medical Alumni Association are asking you to help enrich our understanding of people, places, and events in the history of the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Duke University Hospital. The Archives' collections include a number of photographs which do not have all of the people, events, or dates identified. Accurate documentation will enable us to fill in historical gaps regarding Duke Medicine and to more fully assist researchers who rely upon the Archives for images and information about Duke Medicine's past.

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Duke Medicine

For more than 75 years, our community of scholars and students has been devoted to understanding the causes, prevention and treatment of human disease. We are a group of women and men committed to the highest of academic goals - the exploration and dissemination of medical and scientific knowledge.
Ranked in the top ten with schools twice its age, Duke is committed to socially relevant education, translational research, compassionate patient care and global healthcare solutions.
In 2006, the school's more than 2,000 faculty members received more than $388 million in research support from the National Institutes of Health, ranking it second among U.S. medical schools.
Each year, the school receives more than 5000 applications from individuals around the globe wanting to be among the 100 students in each entering class.
As of 2008, more than 450 students are currently working toward their medical degrees. Some of them will stay even longer to become physician-scientists through our Medical Scientist Training Program.

Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives

The Medical Center Library's vision is "The best way to the best information" and that vision must continue to guide the Library in supporting Duke Medicine, including the Schools of Medicine and Nursing, Duke University Hospital and Health System, in their missions. This vision is shared by the Duke Medical Center Archives whose mission is to retain and preserve both institutional records and history for current and future use. This vision requires ensuring access to the best and most relevant information sources and technologies that are easy to use from any location. But in addition to acquiring knowledge-based resources and storing institutional records, the "best way" also requires continued training in the optimum use of the resources for education, research, administrative work, clinical care, and ultimately the reduction of medical errors and the delivery of high quality healthcare.

PAHx Digital Repository

The PA History Digital Collection contains over 3,000 images selected from materials contained in the DUMC Archival and PA History Society's special collections. New images are added as items are selected and processed. The PA History Center Website allow users to search the online repositories of digital images of articles, reports, photographs, biographies, artifact and other memorabilia associated with the history of the physician assistant profession. Developed and maintained by the Society for the Preservation of PA History and the DUMC Library & Archives, the digital archival collection is intended to be used only for academic, research and literary purposes. Please read the Terms of Use prior to accessing the collection.
Each item in our Digital Collection has a unique identity number with accompanying metadata providing details about the item including standard, searchable database fields (title, subject, date, creator, etc.). We want our users to have a genuine and authentic experience when viewing the online collection. We recognize that looking at material online is not the same as holding the original in your hands, but it helps protect, provide easy retrieval and repeated use of items without damage - one of our goals for digitizing the collection. Some items may be missing metadata information. If you have knowledge of any missing information, please let us know so that we can provide the most accurate and abundant information possible.
The original searchable database was created with July 2002 grant funding from the State Library of North Carolina, Exploring Cultural Heritage Online Digitization Grants. Reginald Carter (Director of the PA History Office) and Thomas Clark (Special Collection Project Manager) to work with Pat Thibodeau (Associate Dean for Library Services), Charlie Lackey (Head of Cataloging Department), Russell Koonts (Archivist) and other members of the library staff organized, cataloged, created metadata and digitized selected items from a collection of materials housed in the DUMC archives. Additional funding from the Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation, Inc. allowed for further database augmentation. The Physician Assistant History Digital Collection was moved to MeDSpace in February 2008.

Hyperbaric Medicine

A collection of documents and information resources on hyerbaric medicine contributed by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society and other national and international groups, and digitized and developed by the Rubicon Foundation, a non-profit organization undertaking projects that contribute to the expansion of human understanding.
The Rubicon Research Repository, which focuses on Diving and Environmental Physiology Research, is the major contributor to this community.

A small chamber for making optical measurements on single living cells at elevated hydrostatic pressure

A 100-microliters chamber has been developed to facilitate the use of optical techniques for the study of living cells und

A Staff Member Emerging From a Hyperbaric Unit

Photograph of a staff member coming out of a hyperbaric unit. He is wearing surgical attire and a mask.

A system for pharmacological studies in small animals at high pressure

A four-liter pressure chamber was constructed for pharmacological experiments in rats; it consisted of the following: 1) a

A system for saturating in vitro preparations with high pressure O2, He, H2, and mixtures

Saturation of a liquid with gas before perfusing a tissue or cellular preparation under pressure can be achieved by bubbli

A test for variations in individual sensitivity to hyperbaric oxygen toxicity

It has been suggested that some individuals have above-average sensitivity to hyperbaric oxygen toxicity.

A Trained Nurse

Uniformed nurse carrying a bed tray.

A Tussel for the Ball

Print 26. Framed sporting scene.

A versatile chamber for microphysiologic studies with gas mixtures under high pressure

A pressure chamber, designed for microelectrode recordings in isolated tissues or organs an capable of withstanding pressu

A view of Lake George

Print 72

A View of the Royal Exchange, London

Print 94


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Name Count
Blazquez-Bores, Francisco 1
Blinder, Russell 1
Blindness -- Chemically Induced 1
Blindness -- Therapy 1
Bloemen, Jan 1
Blood 2
Blood banks 3
Blood Cell Count 7
Blood Chemical Analysis 2
Blood Chemical Analysis -- Instrumentation 1
Blood Circulation 8
Blood Coagulation 4
Blood Coagulation -- Drug Effects 1
Blood Coagulation Tests 1
Blood Flow Velocity 6
Blood Gas Analysis 4
Blood Gas Analysis -- Instrumentation 2
Blood Gas Analysis -- Methods 1
Blood Gas Monitoring, Transcutaneous 11
Blood Gas Monitoring, Transcutaneous -- Instrumentation 1
Blood Gas Monitoring, Transcutaneous -- Methods 1
Blood Glucose 2
Blood Glucose -- Analysis 1
Blood Glucose -- Metabolism 5
Blood Platelets 3
Blood Platelets -- Drug Effects 7
Blood Platelets -- Metabolism 3
Blood Platelets -- Pathology 1
Blood Platelets -- Physiology 4
Blood Platelets -- Ultrastructure 2
Blood Pressure 38
Blood Pressure -- Drug Effects 6
Blood Pressure -- Physiology 14
Blood Pressure Determination 1
Blood Pressure Determination -- Instrumentation 1
Blood Pressure Determination -- Standards 1
Blood Proteins 1
Blood Proteins -- Analysis 1
Blood Specimen Collection -- Methods 1
Blood Substitutes -- Therapeutic Use 1
Blood Transfusion, Autologous 1
Blood Vessels -- Pathology 1
Blood Viscosity -- Drug Effects 1
Blood Volume 7
Blood-Air Barrier -- Drug Effects 1
Blood-Brain Barrier 4
Blood-Brain Barrier -- Drug Effects 2
Blood-Brain Barrier -- Physiology 2
Bloodgood, Joseph Colt, 1867-1935 1
Bloodletting 5
Blotting, Western 1
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina 1
Blumenbach, Johann Friedrich, 1752-1840 2
Blundell, James 1
Bobath, Berta 2
Bock, C. P. M. 1
Bodeewes, Karltheo 1
Body Composition 2
Body Constitution 1
Body Constitution -- Physiology 1
Body Fluids 1
Body Fluids -- Analysis 1
Body Fluids -- Metabolism 1
Body Fluids -- Physiology 1
Body Mass Index 3
Body Surface Area 1
Body Temperature 34
Body Temperature -- Drug Effects 2
Body Temperature -- Physiology 7
Body Temperature Regulation 24
Body Temperature Regulation -- Drug Effects 3
Body Temperature Regulation -- Physiology 5
Body Water 2
Body Water -- Metabolism 8
Body Water -- Physiology 1
Body Weight 16
Body Weight -- Drug Effects 1
Body Weight -- Physiology 1
Boer, W. 1
Boerhaave, Herman, 1668-1738 5
Bofill, Esteban Monegai 1
Boggs, Thomas R., 1875-1938 1
Boivin, Veuve (Marie Anne Victoire), Mme., 1773-1841 1
Bokay, Janos, 1858-1937 1
Bolognesi, Dani 1
Bond, W. 1
Bone and Bones -- Analysis 2
Bone and Bones -- Blood Supply 3
Bone and Bones -- Chemistry 1
Bone and Bones -- Metabolism 2
Bone and Bones -- Physiology 1
Bone and Bones -- Physiopathology 2
Bone and Bones -- Radiography 1
Bone Cysts -- Epidemiology 1
Bone Cysts -- Etiology 2
Bone Cysts -- Radiography 2
Bone Density 2
Bone Density -- Drug Effects 1
Bone Development 1
Bone Development -- Physiology 1


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Name Count
Derion, T. 1
Deroy 1
Desautels, D. A. 1
Despiau 1
Detaille, Edward 1
Detmer, Donald E. 1
Detmer, Lawrence 'Mac' 1
Deuster, P. A. 3
Deverini, F. 1
Devine, J. A. 1
Dexter, F. 1
Dhall, A. 1
Di Sabato, F. 1
Dibb, W. L. 2
Dick, A. P. 1
Dick, E. J., Jr. 1
Diercks, K. J. 1
Dietsch, Barbara 2
Dietz, F. B. 1
Dillenhunt, Jr. 1
Dillis, G. 1
Dixon, John Elliot 1
Djarova, T. 1
Djurhuus, R. 2
Dlugos, D. J. 1
Dmitrijev, V. A. 1
Doar, P. O. 1
Dodd, D. E. 1
Dolan, Margaret B. 1
Dolezal, V. 1
Dollery, C. T. 1
Donelson, C. th 2
Doolette, D. 1
Doolette, D. J. 1
Dooley, J. 2
Dooley, J. W. 1
Doolhajshy, Jan 1
Doran, G. R. 1
Dore, C. 1
Dore, C. J. 2
Doubt, T. J. 8
Dougherty, J. H., Jr. 1
Doughty, T. 3
Douglas, J. D. 4
Douglas, W. H. 2
Doursout, M. F. 2
Dovsak, P. A. 1
Downman, John, 1750-1824 1
Dr. B. 1
Drahos, T. 1
Draner 1
Dressendorfer, R. H. 5
Drewry, A. 1
Drug Research Reports, 'The Blue Sheet' 1
Drummond 1
Drummond, S. 1
du Montier, D. 1
Ducasse, J. L. 1
Dudinsky, J. 1
Duffey, M. E. 3
Duffin, J. 1
Duke Surgical Instrument Shop 1
Duke University 3
Duke University Health System. Office of Creative Services and Marketing Communications 24
Duke University. Comprehensive Cancer Center 28
Duke University. Department of Community Health Sciences 14
Duke University. Department of Pediatrics 6
Duke University. Development and Alumni Affairs 49
Duke University. Eugene A. Stead Society 1
Duke University. Hospital 1
Duke University. Medical Center 2
Duke University. Medical Center. Archives 1
Duke University. Medical Center. Library 93
Duke University. Medical School Advisory Committee (MedSAC) 1
Duke University. School of Medicine 470
Duke University. School of Nursing 8
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore 25
Dundar, K. 1
Dunford, R. 1
Dunford, R. G. 2
Durant, R. C. 2
Durante, A. 1
Durham Engraving Company 1
Durupt 1
Dutka, A. J. 19
Dwyer, H. J. 1
Dwyer, J. 3
Dyson, C. V. 2
Dyson, R. J. 1
E. C. 1
E. C.Templier, Paris 1
E. P. 1
E. R. V. 1
Eastham, E. J. 1
Eastman, D. 1
Eaton, D. J. 1
Eckenhoff, R. G. 6
Eckstein, Adolf 3
Ed Halperin 2
Edelfelt, A. 2


Nursing students study in the School of Medicine Library

Nursing students, in uniform, studying together at tables in the library.

NCCPA Grandfather Clause Termination

This memorandum was sent to Northeast Regional Societies of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) by the Vermont... Read more

Duke University Hospital Patient Room

Patient room at Duke University Hospital.

Steam engine train brings building materials to Duke University

A steam engine train brings building materials to the site of Duke University, the School of Medicine, and Duke Hospital.... Read more

APAP Biweekly Report, August 8, 1975

This newsletter date August 8, 1975 contains news about: (1) Air Force PAs being stationed overseas, (2) date of NBME 1975... Read more

Duke Hospital with old cars

Duke Hospital with old cars parked out front. Hospital construction began on September 1, 1927 and was completed on July 1,... Read more

Walter Kempner

Walter Kempner was born in 1903 in Germany. He joined Duke in 1934 as a member of the Department of Medicine. Kempner was... Read more

Guidelines for Educational Programs for the Assistant to the Primary Care Physician

Guidelines released in February 1974 to provide more information and direction to program staff and site team visitors in... Read more

Robert Hinckley Painting of Who Was Who On Ether Day

Portrait of the first public demonstration of ether anaesthesia at the Massachusetts General Hospital on October 16, 1846.

AAPA Newsletter with Attached Student Newsletter

AAPA newsletter distributed in August 1973 with attached Student Newsletter dated August 14 1973 composed by Mr. Karn, Student... Read more


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