Demystify Our Images

Duke Medical Center Library & Archives and the Duke Medical Alumni Association are asking you to help enrich our understanding of people, places, and events in the history of the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Duke University Hospital. The Archives' collections include a number of photographs which do not have all of the people, events, or dates identified. Accurate documentation will enable us to fill in historical gaps regarding Duke Medicine and to more fully assist researchers who rely upon the Archives for images and information about Duke Medicine's past.

Item Title Date
School of Nursing Class of 1964

Duke University School of Nursing students, class of 1964.

School of Nursing Class of 1974

Duke University School of Nursing students, class of 1974.

School of Nursing class of 1995

Group photo of School of Nursing graduates in caps and gowns.

School of Nursing students

School of nursing students prepare to take exams in the fall.

circa 1940
School of Nursing, Class of 1954

Duke University School of Nursing class of 1954 in uniforms.

Student and Faculty Party

Students and faculty of Duke University School of Medicine at the annual student faculty show, where the students put on a musical play lampooning...

Student nurse on steps of Baker House

School of nursing student exiting Baker House. Baker House, located on Trent Drive, was constructed in 1931 and renovated in 1968. The building is...

Student nurses in cafeteria

Duke student nurses in cafeteria. 

circa 1940
Students at a Picnic

Students from the class of 1946 on a picnic.

Students in Dr. Joseph W. Beard's experimental dog surgery lab

School of Medicine students (class of 1953) studying in Joseph W. Beard's experimental surgery lab. Joseph W. Beard was professor of surgery from...

circa 1953
Students in the Reading Room

Long tables in the reading room of the Duke University Hospital Library filled with students studying. View 1.

1970 ca.
Students of Wiley D. Forbus

Students of Dr. Wiley D. Forbus. Forbus was a professor and chariman of the Department of Pathology and chief pathologist to Duke Hospital from...

Students studying in the Duke University School of Medicine Library

Students, faculty, or interns study in the reading room of the School of Medicine Library (later known as the Medical Center Library). One student...

Surgeon performing surgery

Duke surgeon performing surgery.

circa 1986
Three men with a microscope

Three unidientified men at a microscope.  The two men in ties have been identified as students, while the third man has been identified as their...