Demystify Our Images

Duke Medical Center Library & Archives and the Duke Medical Alumni Association are asking you to help enrich our understanding of people, places, and events in the history of the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Duke University Hospital. The Archives' collections include a number of photographs which do not have all of the people, events, or dates identified. Accurate documentation will enable us to fill in historical gaps regarding Duke Medicine and to more fully assist researchers who rely upon the Archives for images and information about Duke Medicine's past.

Item Title Date
Duke Hospital staff

Uniformed male and female members of the Duke Hospital staff. Duke Hospital opened for patients on July 21, 1930.

circa 1949-1950
Duke North Hospital Nursing

Staff at work in Duke North Hospital Nursing.

Duke North Hospital reception desk

Reception desk at Duke North Hospital.

Duke pharmacy staff assisting customer

Staff at Duke University Hospital pharmacy assiting a customer. 

Ed Pritchett and hospital staff

Dr. Ed Pritchett with two hospital staff. Pritchett was a faculty member in the Department of Cardiology.

First class of Duke University School of Nursing preclinical students

First class of Duke University School of Nursing preclinical students.

circa 1931
Grace Horton teaching amputation

Grace Horton teaching upper limb prosthetics to the physical therapy class of 1961.

November 1961

Students at graduation in their gowns and caps.

Group photo of Duke Hospital surgical staff

Group portrait of Duke Hospital surgical staff.

Man in laboratory doing virus research

Man in lab doing virus research in the Bell Building.

circa 1961
Medical Art and Illustration staff at work

Duke Medical Art and Illustration staff in workroom. L-R: Robert Blake, Elon Clark, and Orville "Norrie" Parks. The woman is unidentified.

circa 1948
Medical personnel look at bedside monitor

Medical personnel look at bedside monitor at Duke Hospital.

Nu Sigma Nu fraternity

The Beta Rho chapter of the Nu Sigma Nu fraternity was installed at Duke University on November 21, 1931. Nu Sigma Nu was founded in 1881 at the...

Nursing students at recognition service

Duke School of Nursing students hug at recognition service.

Nursing students in front of Hanes House Residence

Nursing freshmen in front of Hanes House Residence.