Vital Capacity -- Physiology

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PMID: 2042261
Decrease in the single-breath diffusing capacity after saturation dives

Before and after saturation dives, we measured lung volumes and diffusing capacity (DL(CO)/V(A]...


PMID: 8840474
Divers' pulmonary function after open-sea bounce dives to 10 and 50 meters

We have studied pulmonary function before and 2 h after open sea dives to 10 and 50 m and 24 h...


PMID: 7950797
Probable lung injury by long-term exposure to oxygen close to 50 kilopascals

To investigate the possibility of lung injury after long-term saturation dives where oxygen...


PMID: 1561721
Respiratory effects of warm and dry air at increased ambient pressure

We have measured in 7 divers forced vital capacity (FVC), forced expired volume in 1 s (FEV1),...

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