Vital Capacity

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PMID: 8329943
A case of breath holding and ascent-induced circulatory hypotension

We report a case of transient circulatory depression due to inadvertent apnea of a subject...


PMID: 2288042
CO2 retention with minimal symptoms but severe dysfunction during wet simulated dives to 6.8 atm abs

During wet dives in a hyperbaric chamber to 6.8 atm abs (690 kPa), air breathing subjects were...


PMID: 3936250
Diving pattern of Tsushima male breath-hold divers (Katsugi)

The present study was undertaken to investigate the diving pattern, buoyancy-mass relationship,...


PMID: 11908698
Effects of water immersion on pulmonary function in asthmatics

Immersion induces air trapping in the lungs, as does asthma. Consequently, when using diving...


PMID: 6675227
Field study of ventilation in volunteer scuba divers during head-out immersion

Seven subjects had spirometric studies during head-out immersion before and after working at...


PMID: 11732880
Increased lung compliance in response to a moderate hyperoxic exposure

With deep saturation diving a reduction in vital capacity caused by oxygen toxicity may be...


PMID: 15622735
Influence of body posture and ear clearing on body buoyancy during diving

The amount of gas introduced into the gastrointestinal (GI) tract during diving was studied by...


PMID: 1189118
Influence of intrathoracic blood polling on pulmonary air-trapping during immersion 1975

PMID: 6636345
Patterns of wet suit diving in Korean women breath-hold divers

Work shifts, diving pattern, diving lung volumes, and counterweights were studied in...


PMID: 6346627
Positive-pressure oxygen breathing and pulmonary atelectasis during immersion

The effect on vital capacity of 1 h of oxygen breathing with and without continuous positive...



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