Ventricular Function, Left -- Physiology

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PMID: 9171465
Doppler-echocardiography study of cardiac function during a 36 atm (3,650 kPa) human dive

To determine the influence of a saturation dive on cardiac function, Doppler-echocardiographic...


PMID: 11011796
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on ventricular performance, pulmonary blood volume, and systemic and pulmonary vascular resistance. [see comment]

The cardiovascular effects of hyperbaric (3 atm abs) air, 100% oxygen, and hyperbaric oxygen (...


PMID: 10897861
Left-ventricular performance in man during breath-holding and simulated diving

We measured left-ventricular (LV) systolic time intervals (STI) to determine whether breath-...

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