Vasopressins -- Urine

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PMID: 910316
Hana Kai II: a 17-day dry saturation dive at 18.6 ATA. III. Body fluid balance

Comprehensive studies on body fluid balance on 5 divers were conducted during the Hana Kai II...


PMID: 636073
Physiological responses to head-out immersion in water at 11 ATA

Cardiorespiratory, thermal, and renal responses to a 30-min head-out immersion in 15 degree C...


PMID: 1189117
Physiology of man during a 10-day dry heliox saturation dive (SEATOPIA) to 7 ATA. II. Urinary water, electrolytes, ADH, and aldosterone 1975

PMID: 3314055
Seadragon VI: a 7-day dry saturation dive at 31 ATA. III. Alterations in basal and circadian endocrinology

Four male divers were exposed to an environment of 1 ATA air for 7 d, followed by 7 d of 31 ATA...


PMID: 1534426
Urinary ANP, ADH, and electrolyte excretion during saturation-excursion diving to pressures equivalent to 250 and 300 m

Four male divers were exposed to an environment of 26 and 31 atm abs He-O2 for 2 days. Urine was...


PMID: 524529
Urinary excretion of water and electrolytes during open-sea saturation diving to 850 fsw

The dive was carried out in the open sea to a depth of 850 fsw (26.7 ATA) for 6 days (DD 1--6)...


PMID: 1353929
Urinary vasopressin and aldosterone and plasma volume during a saturation dive to 450 m

Urinary vasopressin (VP), aldosterone (ALDO), osmotic substances, sodium excretion, and plasma...


PMID: 6567431
Water immersion and the kidney: implications for volume regulation

Studies from this laboratory have demonstrated that head-out immersion in isothermic water...

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