Vasopressins -- Blood

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PMID: 7404849
Antidiuresis and inhibition of PGE2 excretion by hyperoxia in the conscious dog

Experiments were performed to determine the influence of varying inspired oxygen tension on...


PMID: 7742711
Diurnal renal responses in man to water loading at sea level and 31 atm abs

The hyperbaric environment causes a sustained diuresis accompanied by normal water intake and a...


PMID: 10372427
Effect of hyperbaric conditions on plasma stress hormone levels and endothelin-1

To study a generalized stress reaction as well as endothelin-1 concentrations during moderate...


PMID: 1531561
Effect of inspiratory-phase negative pressure breathing on urine flow in man

We investigated the effect of negative pressure breathing during the inspiratory phase only (...


PMID: 6377632
Responses of salt- and water-regulating hormones during a saturation dive to 31 ATA (SEADRAGON IV)

Four Japanese male subjects were studied during 3 days at 1 ATA, 3 days of compression to 31 ATA...


PMID: 3314055
Seadragon VI: a 7-day dry saturation dive at 31 ATA. III. Alterations in basal and circadian endocrinology

Four male divers were exposed to an environment of 1 ATA air for 7 d, followed by 7 d of 31 ATA...


PMID: 3314056
Seadragon VI: a 7-day dry saturation dive at 31 ATA. VI. Hyperbaria enhances renin but eliminates ADH responses to head-up tilt

Three male subjects were passively tilted from a supine to a 90 degree head-up standing position...

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