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PMID: 9566083
Arterial oxygen desaturation during apnea in humans

We studied the effect of the human diving response, defined as bradycardia and reduced...


PMID: 4071843
Diving bradycardia and breath-holding time in man

The hypothesis that the diving response, recorded as diving bradycardia during submersed breath...


PMID: 9566082
Diving response and apneic time in humans

The aim of this study was to compare apneic time with the human diving response, defined as...


PMID: 6675229
Pulmonary capillary blood volume during immersion in water at different temperatures

Pulmonary capillary blood volume (Qc) was determined for 7 subjects in the standing posture and...


PMID: 9883490
Quantification of the dermal vascular response to hyperbaric oxygen with laser-Doppler flowmetry

The vasoconstrictive response to hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) therapy was non-invasively quantified...


PMID: 7222286
Venous gas bubble production following cold stress during a no-decompression dive

The effect of cold stress on venous gas bubble production was studied using Doppler ultrasonic...

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