Vascular Resistance

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PMID: 6675226
Cardiovascular effects of induced decompression sickness in sheep fetus

Ten chronically catheterized near-term sheep fetuses were used to study the effect of induced...


PMID: 4469092
Circulatory responses to venous air embolism and decompression sickness in dogs 1974

PMID: 3576843
Effects of He-O2 breathing during experimental decompression sickness following air dives

The effects of ventilation with He-O2 during decompression sickness (DCS) and venous air...


PMID: 7324255
Increased pulmonary vascular resistance during liquid ventilation

The effect of liquid ventilation on pulmonary vascular resistance was studied in an isolated cat...


PMID: 3672653
Seadragon VI: a 7-day saturation dive at 31 ATA. V. Cardiovascular responses to a 90 degree body tilt

Cardiovascular deconditioning (CD) has been reported to occur in weightlessness, bed rest, and...


PMID: 2929052
Venous gas embolism: time course of residual pulmonary intravascular bubbles

The time course of pulmonary intravascular air emboli was studied in anesthetized dogs. In one...

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