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PMID: 3107189
Blood-gas transport in awake rabbits exposed to normobaric hyperoxia

The time course and terminal effects of normobaric oxygen exposure on the gas transport chain...


PMID: 7580767
Does the time course of bubble evolution explain decompression sickness risk?

A probabilistic model of decompression sickness (DCS) risk based on linear-exponential (LE)...


PMID: 2880419
Effects of high pressure on the release of excitatory amino acids by brain synaptosomes

Excitatory amino acid antagonists have been shown to protect against the hyperexcitability...


PMID: 4082346
Effects of hyperbaric treatment on carbon monoxide elimination in humans

A theoretical model of carbon monoxide elimination from the acutely poisoned individual is...


PMID: 3810990
High hydrostatic pressure and chromate-induced effects on cell cycle kinetics

Cell cycle kinetics was studied using the quenching of 33258 Hoechst fluorescence by...


PMID: 3727179
Hypothermia impairs but hyperthermia does not promote inert gas elimination in the rat

The volume of nitrogen eliminated (VN2) and washout rate constant (k) during a 2-h period of O2...


PMID: 6636342
In vitro renal transport of organic ions during exposure to hyperbaric helium

The possibility that hyperbaric helium can modify membrane function in nonneural cells was...


PMID: 2181767
Maximum likelihood analysis of bubble incidence for mixed gas diving

The method of maximum likelihood has been applied to predict the incidence of bubbling in divers...


PMID: 6636344
Pharmacokinetics of antipyrine, paracetamol, and morphine in rat at 71 ATA

The pharmacokinetics of [14C]antipyrine, [3H]paracetamol, and [3H]morphine were studied in male...


PMID: 3705249
Pressure and temperature modulation of conduction in a bifurcating axon

A bifurcating crustacean motor neuron, which serves an integrative function by selectively...



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