Kidney -- Physiology

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PMID: 505620
Effect of intermittent exposure to 3% CO2 on respiration, acid-base balance, and calcium-phosphorus metabolism

One subject was exposed for six days to increasing levels of CO2, rising at a constant rate from...


PMID: 636073
Physiological responses to head-out immersion in water at 11 ATA

Cardiorespiratory, thermal, and renal responses to a 30-min head-out immersion in 15 degree C...


PMID: 1496753
Renal responses during a dry saturation dive to 450 msw

Four subjects were compressed to a simulated depth of 450 msw (46 bar) for 37 days in the main...


PMID: 3672650
Seadragon VI: a 7-day dry saturation dive at 31 ATA. I. Objectives, design, and scope

Seadragon VI dive was designed to determine the effects on humans of a prolonged exposure to a...


PMID: 3672652
Seadragon VI: a 7-day dry saturation dive at 31 ATA. IV. Circadian analysis of body temperature and renal functions

Circadian rhythms of body temperature and daytime rhythms of urine flow and urinary excretion of...

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