Kidney -- Metabolism

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PMID: 7404849
Antidiuresis and inhibition of PGE2 excretion by hyperoxia in the conscious dog

Experiments were performed to determine the influence of varying inspired oxygen tension on...


PMID: 41353
Carbon dioxide and vitamin D effects on calcium metabolism in nuclear submariners: a review

Studies in nuclear submariners show that calcium excretion falls rapidly to 50% of pre-patrol...


PMID: 6636342
In vitro renal transport of organic ions during exposure to hyperbaric helium

The possibility that hyperbaric helium can modify membrane function in nonneural cells was...


PMID: 2552633
Mechanism of tolerance to renal ischemia in harbor seal: role of membranes

Many diving animals are capable of engaging in long breath-hold dives. Investigations were...


PMID: 4035818
Tissue distribution of penicillin during constant rate infusion in rats at 71 ATA

Benzyl [14C] penicillin was infused at a constant rate of 100 mg X kg-1 X h-1 for 90 min in rats...


PMID: 6567431
Water immersion and the kidney: implications for volume regulation

Studies from this laboratory have demonstrated that head-out immersion in isothermic water...

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