Kidney -- Blood Supply

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PMID: 7404849
Antidiuresis and inhibition of PGE2 excretion by hyperoxia in the conscious dog

Experiments were performed to determine the influence of varying inspired oxygen tension on...


PMID: 8000277
Effect of beta 1-adrenoceptor blockade in rats at 5 bar ambient pressure

Conscious rats exposed to 5 bar (500 kPa) ambient pressure show increased total myocardial blood...


PMID: 7385447
Effect of high ambient pressure and oxygen tension on organ blood flow in the anesthetized rat

Cardiac output (CO) and blood flow to major organs were investigated in pentobarbital-...


PMID: 2552633
Mechanism of tolerance to renal ischemia in harbor seal: role of membranes

Many diving animals are capable of engaging in long breath-hold dives. Investigations were...

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