Glazer, David L.

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Continued Establishment of a System to Evaluate the Competency of Assistants to Primary Care Physicians

This NCCPA report was submitted to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Bureau of...

September 30, 1980

Eligibility and Recertification Issues and Concerns [National Certifying Examinations] - Correspondence: Mittman and Glazer

This correspondence consist of three letters exchanged between David Mittman, president-elect of...


Minutes of the Evaluation Meeting [of the Association of Physician Assistant Programs], June 5-6, 1971

Minutes of meeting held June 5, 1973 at Emory University, Atlanta, GA to "make recommendations...

June 5, 1973

National Certification of Surgeon's Assistants - Correspondence: Zintel and Glazer

Dr. Zintel, Director, Department of Special Educational Projects, American College of Surgeons,...

September 14, 1981

Questions about the National Commission on Certification of Physician's Assistants and Its Relationship to the PA Profession - Correspondence: Fasser and Glazer

In this series of letters dating from August 17, 1979 to September 27, 1979, Carl Fasser ask 28...


Support of Recertification Process - Correspondence: Rensch to Glazer

This letter from Dick Rensch, executive secretary of the Wyoming Association of Physicians'...

March 1, 1980
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