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PMID: 7633278
A modified protocol to treat early osteoradionecrosis of the mandible

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) increases oxygen availability to hypoxic tissues thereby inducing...


PMID: 8180566
A neuropathologic study of the ependymoventricular surface in diver brains

Interference with the dynamics of cerebrospinal fluid may lead to loss of ependymal lining in...


PMID: 538859
Absence of antiarrhythmic effects of helium in patients with spontaneous premature ventricular beats at rest

Six patients with spontaneously occurring arrhythmias were studied to assess the antiarrhythmic...


PMID: 11419360
Adjunctive hyperbaric oxygenation in macular edema of vascular origin

Macular edema (ME) is a primary reason for permanent decreases of visual acuity (VA) in diabetic...


PMID: 7222284
Alterations in mouse fecal flora associated with hyperbaric stress

The effect of hyperbaric stress on the composition of fecal microflora was investigated in the...


PMID: 9308139
Alterations in pharmacokinetics of carboxyhemoglobin produced by oxygen under pressure

The pharmacokinetic effect of elevated oxygen partial pressures in the elimination of...


PMID: 7633280
An alternative oxygen supply technique for the difficult patient

A modified oxygen delivery system was developed for a patient too claustrophobic for the...


PMID: 7404849
Antidiuresis and inhibition of PGE2 excretion by hyperoxia in the conscious dog

Experiments were performed to determine the influence of varying inspired oxygen tension on...


PMID: 4071844
Autopsy and experimental observations on factors leading to barotrauma in man

Morbid anatomical data have been examined in detail from 13 fatal diving accidents in which the...


PMID: 2108518
Behavioral effects of increased CO2 load in divers

The behavioral effects of elevated PACO2 were examined to clarify risks due to CO2 retention in...



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