Calcium -- Metabolism

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PMID: 505630
Calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus metabolism, and parathyroid-calcitonin function during prolonged exposure to elevated CO2 concentrations on submarines

Studies of calcium and phosphorus metabolism and acid-base balance were carried out on three...


PMID: 41353
Carbon dioxide and vitamin D effects on calcium metabolism in nuclear submariners: a review

Studies in nuclear submariners show that calcium excretion falls rapidly to 50% of pre-patrol...


PMID: 41351
CO2-induced kidney calcification

Light microscopic examination of kidney tissue of guinea pigs exposed to 1.5% CO2, 21% O2, and...


PMID: 505620
Effect of intermittent exposure to 3% CO2 on respiration, acid-base balance, and calcium-phosphorus metabolism

One subject was exposed for six days to increasing levels of CO2, rising at a constant rate from...


PMID: 1536059
Effect of pressure on the release of endogenous dopamine from rat striatum and the role of sodium-calcium exchange

Exposure to environmental pressures in excess of 20 atm abs can precipitate a hyperexcitability...


PMID: 505623
Effect of prolonged exposure to 0.5% CO2 on kidney calcification and ultrastructure of lungs

Guinea pigs were exposed for up to 8 weeks to 0.5% CO2, 21% O2, and balance N2. Control groups...


PMID: 8653062
Pressure antagonism of nitrous oxide depression of intracellular calcium in a neuroblastoma cell line

While the ability of increased pressure to reverse anaesthesia has been well documented, the...

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