Bufo marinus

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PMID: 6330950
Effect of high hydrostatic pressure on sodium transport across toad skin

The short-circuit current (Isc) was measured as an index of active net sodium transport across...


PMID: 2107615
Hyperbaric oxygen effect on active Na+ transport across isolated toad skin

The effect of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) on Na+ transport across the isolated toad (Bufo marinus)...


PMID: 414400
Inhibition of sodium transport by hyperbaric oxygen in the toad urinary bladder

In the isolated toad bladder, 2--10 ATA of oxygen reversibly inhibited the active transport of...


PMID: 3095974
Ionic basis of short-circuit current in toad skin at high hydrostatic pressure

The toad skin and urinary bladder are widely used for the study of water and Na+ transport under...

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